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Portal 2

PostPosted by 2000gamer » Tue May 14, 2013 8:02 am

Portal 2 fix:
First of all you have to skip the "portal2.exe is not vailed win32 application" message.
For solve it you have to download the PE Tools:
1.Extract the program, run PETools.exe
2.Click Tools -> PE editor and choice portal2.exe
3.Click Optional header and rewrite minor subsystem version from 1 to 0
(xp version is 5.1, that you have to write to 5.0)

After this steps the OS accept portal2.exe as executable file.

Missing exports:

1.For those files download and install API wrapper pack:
2.Copy kernel32 and advapi32 to the binaries directory
3.run the game and play

(Note:To play portal 1 you don't need any fix, you can run it smooth)
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