K-meleon web Browser version 74 and Firefox 24-27

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K-meleon web Browser version 74 and Firefox 24-27

PostPosted by JH2k » Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:53 pm

Hi there,

if anyone is interested in run an alternate browser based in Gecko/GRE (as firefox), here is K-meleon.

This latest version needs to run the following wrappers:
kernel32.dll (depending on graphics version, one or another wrapper oldcigarette or blackwingcat/kdw should be used or disable hardware acceleration pref layers.acceleration.disabled)

And the dlls from XP KDW wrapper extras:
uxtheme.dll (requested for K-meleon 74b2 but not for K-meleon 74d)
dbghelp.dll (not needed, but not harming)

Also you must use the KDW wrapper fcwin2k to remove the Visual C++ 10 runtime error of not a valid win32 application.

For installation, if no portable version is provided, the installer request XP SP2. This can be tricked with OldCigarette Wrappers and kernel32 ini file.
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