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Firefox 43

PostPosted by 2000gamer » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:38 am

Latest firefox (2015 Now.) works on windows 2000.

Missing exports:

1. Install the program
Download Firefox 42, rename Firefox "Setup 42.0.exe" to "Firefox Setup 42.rar", and extract it to a folder.
Download KDW wrapper pack from here:
Run fcwin2k.exe, select firefox' exe, which you extracted, select Windows XP OS emulation and click run compat.
Now firefox is being installed on your computer.

2. Fix the not valid win32 error
Open PE Tools, Click Tools -> PE editor and choice an exe in the installed firefox folder, Click Optional header and rewrite minor subsystem version from 1 to 0
You must do this with all exe in that folder.

3. Fix missing exports
Download OCW wrapper and extract it: ...

Form OCW wrapper copy kernel32, advapi32 and user32 to the firefox dir with the renamed _ORG.DLL files from the system32 folder.

From KDW wrapper copy shell32, ws2_32, wtsapi32, rpcrt4, iphlpapi and dnsapi to the firefox dir, and also copy
renamed shell2k, ws2_2k, wtsapi2k and rpc2k4 dll files to system32 dir.

For psapi.dll go to this page: (choose 5.1.2600.2180)
For winsta.dll go to this page: ... tml?winsta (choose 5.1.2600.2180)

To add the dll files to the known dll list, see this topic: topic1069.html

4. Fix msvcr120.dll error:
I uploaded my modified file, but you can do this with a hex editor. (Open msvcr120.dll, search GetNumaHighestNodeNumber string value and rename it to GetNumaNodeProcessorMask)
Link to msvcr120.dll:

5. Run firefox and disable automatic updates
Go to Tools -> Setting -> Advanced and disable updates.

6. (Optional) Remove black square from the shortcut's icon
I try to upload a modified icon, but you can create one with gimp.
Download this picture, shrink it (64 X 64) and save as to .ico ... oxicon.png
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