StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty

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StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty

PostPosted by 2000gamer » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:17 am

Required DLL packages/programs:
-KDW wrapper:
-OCW wrapper:
-Latest BlackWingCat's extended kernel:
-hid.dll (v5.1!!!):
-PE tools:
Note: KDW wrapper is outdated and unstable, you should use it only for XP emulation, other cases I recommented to use the latest extended kernel' files extracted (not install the upadte!!!)

Get working StarCraft 2:
1. Installing the game:
Extract KDW wrapper, and launch fcwin2k.exe.
On the file section select your StarCraft 2 installer. On the OS Ver section select Windows XP, and click to run compat button. The game will install. Update the game offline or online (it dependents on your version of game)

2. Skip the not valid win32 application:
You must find the exe files:
-SC2.exe: gamedir\versions\BaseXXXX\SC2.exe (where XXXX is the highest number)
-SC2 Swithcer.exe gamedir\support\SC2 Switcher.exe
Open PE tools->tools-> pe editor->"select this exe files"->optional header->set the minor subsystem version to 0

3. Fix missing exports on SC2.exe:
Rename Win2k extended kernel's exe to .zip and extract, and also extract OCW wrapper
Copy this dll files to amedir\versions\BaseXXXX\:
-kernel32 (from OCW wrapper) and also copy winnt\system32\kernel32 renamed to kernel32_org
-advapi32 (from extended kernel)
-psapi (from extended kernel)

Copy kernel32 with system32\kernel32 renamed to kernel32_org to gmaedir\support
and also copy win2k_xp_kernel32.example.ini renamed win2k_xp_kernel32.ini, edit version faking to xp (majVer=5 minVer=1)
Copy Ws2_32 (extended kernel) to same dir.
(Note: SC2 Switcher has no missing exports, kernel32 only need for version faking to avoid startup crash, ws2_32 avoids in-game crash)
Add wrapper dll files to the known dll list, see this topic: topic1069.html

4. If you have Battlenet account, you may be run the game

+If not working:
Repeat 2. and 3. sections with all BaseXXXX version numbers

Playing throught StarFriend 1.20:
Download and install or extract StarFriend and copy ws2_32.dll to the installed dir.
To play offline: At server tab click start server. At client tab type ip and 1119 port. Click start game. At login screen type gg@gl.hf, and the password is gg.

Threre are many unsolved problems:
-(Solved!) StarFriend crash randomly at the begining - StarFriend v1.20 don't have this problem
-Exiting the game freezes
-Graphics settings lost every times
-(Solved!) While playing I get an error messsage: "Your computer has run out of page pool memory" and the fps drops to 1-2 - It probably causes ATI X1600 old graphics card, but on lowest settings there are no fps drops
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