Quick-Installguide OldCigarette's 2000 XP API Wrapper

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Quick-Installguide OldCigarette's 2000 XP API Wrapper

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:06 pm

This Quick-Installguide was created because of some install and usage confusion lately.Since replacement of important system files can seriously harm your system please a) read this Quick-Installguide carefully and b) ask whenever something is not clear before doing experimentation on your own!

1) create a folder c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\
2) download: OldCigarettes wrapper pack from this location
3) create a folder c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\org system files\
4) copy the following windows system files to the created -org system files- directory:

next, rename these libs inside the c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\org system files\ folder to:

5) extract the wrapper pack in the c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\ directory.

The next 5 steps are related fixing of games.If you want to fix a application then continue reading from 11):
6) create a folder c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\x3daudio driver\
7) download: Win2K X3Daudio drivers from this location
8) extract Win2k x3daudio driver to c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\x3daudio driver\ directory
9) creata a folder c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\aclayers\
10) copy aclayers.dll from c:\winnt\apppatch\ to c:\oldcigarettes wrapper files\aclayers\ directory
(don't need to rename it to aclayers_ORG.dll)

11) double click the ExcludeFromKnownDlls.reg from the wrapper pack and add the entries to your registry.Then reboot your system.
12) install the game or application like mentioned in the fix or manually extraxt it with the tools mentioned in the Tools&Info section.

OKAY, thats the basic wrapper directory for file usage.From here you can copy all files mentioned files in the fix to the binaries directory.Info: The binaries directory is the directory of the installed game or application which contains the main game executable.Some game installations just use a short folder named "bin".

Some general safety notes when using wrapper & other system files:
1) never copy any of the *.ORG files back to the c:\winnt\system32 directory
2) never copy any of internet downloaded system files (for example: dbghelp,iphalpi,psapi) listed in the fixes to the c:\winnt\system32 directory
3) never download ADVAPI32.DLL,KERNEL32.DLL,SHELL32.DLL,USER32.DLL,ws2_32.dll,wtsapi32.dll,ntdll.dll from other locations of the internet.None of these system XP files is needed!Only needed are the wrapper system files.
4) the uxtheme.dll has to be copied also to the binaries directory if needed.There is no uxtheme.dll on Win2k.
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