So who is still running Win2k out there?

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Re: So who is still running Win2k out there?

PostPosted by Cyker » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:06 am

Imma still runnin' the ol' Too-Kay! :)

It's quite funny that it can boot within a second as fast as my Win7 SSD-equipped laptop despite being on much older IDE HDDs!

And my Win98 boots in less than half the time! :lol: (Which admittedly I use less these days, mainly only for occasional games of MechWarrior 3 + PM and SShock2, which run far better (As in less buggily? Is that even a word??) in '98 for some reason)

Haven't played many 'modern' games lately aside from BL2, although I picked up DoW2: Retribution for a fiver and am gonna see if I can get that to work on the weekend...

Mostly I have been playing stuff from GoG ;)
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