The big Windows 2000 & Wrapper FAQ

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The big Windows 2000 & Wrapper FAQ

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:06 am

There's a lot of revealed information about Windows 2000 and the two Wrappers and i thought it would be a good time to start a big FAQ:

Windows 2000 FAQ:
1) Q: I read that Windows 2000 can not handle XBOX 360 and other Direct XInput devices.Is that true?
A: Yes and No.Windows 2000 does not support these controllers without drivers.Since there's no official Windows 2000 Microsoft(R) DirectX suppport these devices won't work.If someone wants to use Direct Xinput controllers (for example the XBOX 360 controllers or other gamepad devices there's the commercial (trial-shareware) Pinnacle Game Profiler
and there are Xbox 360 Windows 2000 drivers Info: XBCD - XBox Controller Driver for Windows 98/2000/XP

2) Q: Windows 2000 and then comes Windows XP?
A: No.There was Windows Neptune developed during the years 1999-2001 but it was never officially released as retail version outside the Microsoft(R) campus and only for download as alpha version.Read -> here at Wikipedia <-

3) Q: How comes that some games and applications still work on Windows 2000 even though when it was stated its not officially supported?
A: Thats because games and software did not get tested on Windows 2000 anymore but that doesn't mean they generally won't work.Since most newer games are console ports they are often dependent on Direct Xinput functions for controllers which often requires a bit manually tweaking and patching to get them working and installed on Windows 2000.Some other games on the other hand would work fine or by just adding newer library versions of dbghelp.dll.

4) Q: When i install a game or application it says "My system is not supported" and i can not install it.What can i do?
A: In the -> Tools & Info section <- you can find hints and guides how to patch and handle these problems.Often its necessary to extract the installer archives manually to get the software to work on Windows 2000.

5) Q: What is a Windows 2000 X3D audio driver?
A: On Windows XP and newer windows operating systems a new audio standard has been implemented along with DirectX 9.0c.This DirectX audio standard will not be installed on Windows 2000 but there's some standalone Windows 2000 X3D audio driver availible on some websites.This driver in not related to us or our project so we can't provide any technical support here.Here you find information about the
Download & Installation: X3Daudio driver

6) Q: What can i do to change the hardware and video acceleration in DirectX?How can i fix sound issues?
A: Some sound issues like stuttering,skipping sounds in games or videos and other problems can be solved by changing the hardware acceleration in DirectX or Windows.A collection of solutions and also recommended driver updates can be found in the
-> Info: solving sound and video problems in games <-

7) Q: I'd like to buy a version of Windows 2000.Which do you recommend and where can it be obtained?
A: The *best-cheapest* Windows 2000 version you could obtain would be the Windows 2000 SP4 (including Service Pack 4) Professional OEM which is sold,also as new! on ebay and through some internet shops.

8) Q: I would like to play some LAN games across Internet.Is that possible?
A: Yes.There's a great free tool called Hamachi which offeres a private Internet LAN network (including password protection) for up-to 15 clients.Its great especially for games who only offer LAN but no internet TCP/IP support.You can find everything you need to know -> here <-

9) Q: What is the Dependencywalker tool?
A: The Dependecywalker tool is a very powerful runtime library and API function checking application with a easy interface.It lists API and library dependencies between the application/game and Windows.When ever possible it would be very useful for us to have a Dependencywalker log called *.dwi of the application or game executable (*.exe) you have trouble with.This post informs about where to download it and how to post the log in the forum: Info: Dependencywalker logs (= dwi file)

10) Q: What is the Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0 (ACT 3.0)?
A: This is a Microsoft(R) released bundle of Tools (Compatibility Administrator Tool 3.0,Windows Application Verifier 2.50 and Microsoft Application Compatibility Analyzer 1.0) to help getting applications and games to run with known solutions and supplied fixes.This fixes are based on informations about programming errors and incompatibilities between the game and windows and not between two different windows systems like WinXP and Win2k.More info can be found here: Tools & Info: Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0

11) Q: Where can i find information about functions and their corresponding Windows Version and if it got implemented in Win2k?
A: You can lookup the API function in the MSDN Developer Database

12) Q: I can't install my application or game because of a OS check in the msi archive.What can i do?
A: You can try the OS msi remove script found in the Tools & Info section

13) Q: When i start a game, the libraries fmodex.dll and fmod_event.dll can not be found.Whats that about?
A: These two libraries belong to the FMod sound engine and you can find the download link to update or replace the files in the
FMOD Ex Programmers API in the Tools & Info section

Wrapper FAQ:
1) Q: What is OldCigarette's API Wrapper Pack (OCW) and BlackWingCats KDW API Wrapper about?
A: The authors,OldCigarette and BlackWingCat,merely started programming on WinXP API extending API function libraries for Windows 2000 nearly at the same time in the end of 2007.Both projects are developed independently.The Wrapper packs in theory contain "new programmed" similar named WinXP system files (kernel32,user32,shell32 etc.) and tools to get newer WinXP+ games and applications to work on Windows 2000 by providing and extending missing API functions.Its important to mention to never copy these files into the WINNT/System32 directory!If you're unsure how to use the Wrapper please carefuly read the ->Quickguide<- and ask in the forum.

2) Q: There are functions covered by OldCigarettes Wrapper (OCW) and some are covered by BlackWingCats KDW Wrapper.Is it possible to cross-mix both Wrappers?
A: Since both Wrappers are not correlated and are based on single files you can use for example "Kernel32.dll" from OldCigarette's Wrapper pack with the "User32.dll" from BlackWingCat's KDW Wrapper and so on.It is not possible to use the same system files of both Wrapper Packs at the same time!

3) Q: What is the meaning of a "Windows 2000 Wrapper"?What does it do?
A: A Windows 2000 Wrapper contains specialised system files that convert API functions from Windows XP+ system files for Windows 2000.In principle it simply extents the API function library of a operating system.

4) Q: Does the Wrapper changes something on my system?
A: No.The Wrapper files are only copied to the binaries directory of the application or game and never copied to the system32 directory (main system directory).It does not influence or harm the system.For your system safety read the Wrapper readme and installguides before using it and ask if you're unsure what to do.

5) Q: Will the Wrapper development be restricted and focused on Windows XP compatibility only?
A: No.When possible also Windows Vista, Windows 7 software and games will be taken into account.For games this is of course dependent on the inofficial development of DirextX 10+ for WinXP or Wined3d projects.

6) Q: Is the OldCigarette Win2k API Wrapper freeware?
A: The usage of the OCW Wrapper is free.Its programmed und released under GNU Lesser General Public License.Changes and distribution have to be made according the GNU Lesser General Public License and conditions.The Wrapper authors and moderators support this project on non-profit base and intentions so please appreciate the work which is mostly done in spare free time.

7) Q: Is there something i could do to support the Wrapper project?
A: Oh..ehmmm..Yes :-).Download game and application demos and trial/freeware software you like and post about problems and report which games or applications do still work fine on Windows 2000.Also it would be appreciated and welcome to have a Wikipedia "Windows 2000 Wrapper" entry and also Youtube guides and videos would be great to show how the Wrapper is used and gets set up.

8) Q: Will current game or software updates be still working with the provided fix?
A: Mostly along with updates only stability issues and bugs are fixed.It can happen that some not yet covered and implemented Wrapper functions are used in the new updates of games or software and that the fix doesn't work anymore.In this case please let us know and post about problems in the corresponding Application or Troubleshooting sections.

9) Q: What is the binaries directory?
A: Basically thats the game directory where the game executable is stored.Sometimes the folder is called "bin" (=binaries) so you need to check the folders for the main game executable (*.exe).It can happen that you need to copy the Wrapper files next to the launcher.exe to get also the desktop shortcuts working.

10) Q: Is there some install guide for OldCigarettes Wrapper?
A: Yes.there are currently two Wrapper guides:
a) Info: Installguide OldCigarettes Windows 2000 XP API Wrapper
b) Quick-Installguide OldCigarette's 2000 XP API Wrapper
and there are guides in french,spanish and german below the main forum.

11) Q: Whats the main difference between OldCigarettes Win2k Wrapper and BlackWingCats KDW Wrapper?
A: For User32.dll,Kernel32.dll and Shell32.dll both Wrapper roughly cover the same functions.However OldCigarette started with the Wrapper focused on games and BlackWingCat's with KDW on applications.For instance KDW Wrapper includes Win2k compatible cancrypt32.dll,ntdll.dll,msvcrt.dw7,rpcrt4.dll and ole32.dll system files which are used a lot by applications.OldCigarettes API Wrapper (OCW) has imporoved compatibility with games and new copyprotections.

12) Q: I did everything mentioned in the fix for my game but when i start the game i get a "A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (6000)" error.What is that about?
A: Most likely the game uses SecuRom copyprotection which prevents API hooking.To get passed this problem add the Aclayers.dll from the windows system AppPatch directory and add the aclayers=1 entry in the wrapper ini as described here: c) Windows XP SP2 Version Lie + aclayers

13) Q: Are there any actual games that work without the Wrapper on Win2k?
A: Yes, there are two Info threads informing about games that work and those who should work on Win2k.
1) Infotopic: WinXP games that work fine on Win2k
2) Infotopic: WinXP games that should work on Win2k

14) Q: When i install a game from the CD/DVD it aborts the installation because of a windows version check.What can i do?
A: In principle there are two possible ways to around this:
a) copying the complete CD/DVD to the harddrive and adding the Wrapper Kernel + the Wrapper.ini set to XP version lie.
b) copying the temporary installer files to some other TEMP folder before aborting the installation and removing the OS checks with the remove OS msi script or the Orca msi tool (if msi installer archives are present).

15) Q: I have added all the files from the fix but the procedure error(s) still appear.Whats wrong?
A: The backporting section only contains the informations about the game-fixes not the Wrapper installation and usage.You may forgot to initialize the Wrapper.Please run "ExcludeFromKnownDlls.reg" from the Wrapper pack and restart the system.Now it should work.

16) Q: I have some executables stored in one folder and some in another (client,server for example).Do i need to copy the fix to both directories?
A: As a principle,the mentioned fix is given for the main application or game excutable.When for example a server and client executable require the same fix but are located in different folders, the fix needs to be copied to both folders in order to get both to work.

Forum FAQ:
1) Q: I have problems with your provided fix or with a new game or software.How is the forum structured?
A: The Forum is devided into these main sections:
a) Backporting Applications
Please post all software fixes and solutions in here.
b) Troubleshooting section (Software)
Please post all software and driver problems in here.
b) Tools & Info section
In this section you can find the two Wrappers, tools, info and drivers you need to get games and software working on Win2k.
c) Backporting Games section
In this section you can find specific fixes for games and guides how to install them.Please do not post any problems in this section.The backporting section only contains the informations about the game-fixes not the Wrapper installation and usage.A list of backporting games in progress can be found here: Win2kgaming: Complete XP Games Backporting List
d) Troubleshooting section (Games)
In this section you can post any problems you have with fixes from the Backporting Game section and also all sorts of games you encountered to be not working on Windows 2000.

2) Q: The board language is english, what can i do if i don't speak english at all?
A: The forum language is english because its the most common language.You can post in your native language of course when you're not familar or comfortable with english but we do recommend and appreciate if you post in english using altavista babelfish or google translations.

3) Q: I tried a * fix (* = alpha fix) for a game located in the Backporting section but it doesn't work!
A: The * fixes posted in the Backporting section aren't fully tested yet (alpha state) and are mostly based on Dependencywalker profile-checks on game updates or demos without the complete game being tested.In most cases these fixes work as stated but some need more investigations also for instance if launching check conditions during the installation process are present and need to get circumvented or not.Please post any problems with those games in the Troubleshooting section.

4) Q: Why is it called *Fix* for a game?
A: Since we deal with API extending libraries here these Wrapper files *fix* the missing functions.Also its used for the procedure to get games or applications working on Win2k.

5) Q: I would like to fix my game or application, is there some Fix Guide?
A: Yes.There's a illustrative guide for using Dependency Walker.This guide can be found here:
Win2kgaming: Quick Fix Guide and also a Win2kgaming: Advanced Fix Guide

6) Q: Where can i find the wrapper and other necessary tools & information?
A: Look here Tools & Info section

7) Q: Installing a game or software fails because of a non-supported Windows 2000 operating system.What can i do?
A: Look here
Info: How to bypass/remove launch condition checks
or here
Info: Remove OS Version Check Script for msi archives

Offtopic FAQ:
1) Q: Windows 2000 is nearly 10 years old and much older than Windows XP.Why all the work?
A: Windows 2000 got released one year ahead of Windows XP.Wouldn't you pick someone for life who is one year older?However,we believe that Windows 2000,because of its business proved programming is the most stable and recource friendly Windows operating system which was ever released from Microsoft(R).
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