Microsoft® Flight Simulator X Demo (needs SSE2 testing)

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Microsoft® Flight Simulator X Demo (needs SSE2 testing)

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Tue Dec 01, 2009 2:34 pm

Last not but least, we take a look at probably one of the most difficult games to backport.OldCigarette and i tried to get it working a few month ago but dropped backporting because of heavy crosslinked system library structures.

1. download the demo and extract it with 7zip
Size: 801 MB (840.321.368 Bytes)

Note: There's was another demo version released earlier but that was much smaller in sitze (600mb) and we don't look at the older release here.

2. removing the OS launch check does not work with the vbs remove scripts or the wrapper version lie because of setup checking the Win2k version.dll and the APIs GetFileVersionInfoA,GetFileVersionInfoW,GetFileVersionInfoSizeA,
GetFileVersionInfoSizeW which check Win2k file versions.

But the game is already extracted in a program files folder so we get this running now without complete installation.We need to add the Kernel32.dll to fix the following Missing Exports:

Missing Exports:
Kernel32.dll - CreateActCtxA,ReleaseActCtx

Now we come to a interesting launch condition check.After fixing the exports with Kernel wrapper and running the FSX.exe again in Profile Mode surprisingly we encounter another launch condition check.This can be overcome by adding the wrapper ini with the following entries:
versionString=Service Pack 2

Now we can launch it again in Profile Mode and need to fix the following exports:

Missing Exports:
WS2_32.dll - getaddrinfo,freeaddrinfo
Advapi32.dll - RtlGenRandom (SystemFunction036)
WTSAPI32.DLL - WTSRegisterSessionNotification,WTSUnRegisterSessionNotification
IMM32.DLL - ImmDisableTextFrameService (BlackWingCats Win2k API fixed library)

The problem: some strange scenerey error from some addon which seems to be a Demo error since this map scenerey did not get installed.After the loading FSX intro loads the musik is played but it does not continue loading but FSX doesn't respond anymore.
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