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Age of Empires 3

PostPosted by Falcon » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:08 pm

Whenever I try to install it it advises me to use XP or higher as 95-2000 aren't supported. Then the setup just closes. Does anyone know how to solve this? I have old cigarrettes wrapper files installed and the win2k X3D audio driver and win2k to xp.
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Re: Age of Empires 3

PostPosted by JH2k » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:01 pm

If you don't want to dig on how to change the OS check from msi files using KDW tools, you can just extract the MSI to the desired folder.

Example, if you want to install AoE 3 in the folder C:\games\AoE3, just, search for the ao3.msi file in the AoE 3 disk and open a console window (cmd.exe). Type in there the following:

msiexec /a "X:\aoe3.msi" /qn TARGETDIR="C:\games\AOE3"

(x:\ may be the drive where your aoe3 disk is at)

And you don't need anything else. AoE 3 doesn't need any special installation routine to get working, only extract the content of the msi file.

If you want to uninstall, just delete the folder.
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Re: Age of Empires 3

PostPosted by DosFreak » Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:52 pm

Tested 10-19-2007

1. Start > Run...
2. Type in cmd and press OK
3. When the Dos window appears type in D: or which ever letter your cd/dvd rom drive is; then press Enter.
4. Type in setup /a and press Enter.
5. Wait for the installation wizard to appear, and press Next.
6. Then type in the destination as to where you want it to be installed. I recommend using the default path, which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3
7. Press Install.

Note: Once you have the game installed and try to run it, you may get an error about a d3dx9_25.dll if this is the case, then you can either download the D3DX April Update from or reinstall DirectX9 completely.

Note: Once you have that done, you may also get another error about MSXML 4; if this is the case then you should install msxml.msi from ... &DisplayLa ng=en#filelist

After that you can run the game from the Game icon (not the autorun feature by inserting CD1) If you do not have the Game icon on your desktop then create it. To do so locate your Game directory, then find age3.exe and Right click on it, then click Send to > Desktop.

To Install The Age of Empires 3 1.01 Update: You must do the following:

1. Start > Run...
2. Type in Regedit and press OK
3. Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/ Age of Empires 3/1.0
4. If you do not see a folder called Microsoft/ or Microsoft Games/ then you must create each folder leading up to 1.0.
5. To create a folder in the registry Right Click in the folder area and mouse-over New, then click Key and rename the folder appropriately.
6. Once you arive at the folder named 1.0 then you must Right Click in the right-hand side of the window; and mouse-over New, then click String Value
7. Name the new string value SetupPath, then Right Click on it; and click Modify
8. Under Value Data: you must type the Exact Location of the age3.exe If you used the recommended directory I gave above durring the installation, then you must put this: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age Of Empires 3\Age Of Empires III (Note: This is where most people go wrong, so be sure you have the Exact Directory Location of your age3.exe)
9. Run the Age of Empires 3 1.01 update.

If graphics are corrupted on 945gm video chipset on Dell D520 then turn Shader Quality to low in games graphics options.
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Re: Age of Empires 3

PostPosted by Falcon » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:10 pm

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Re: Age of Empires 3

PostPosted by JH2k » Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:39 am

As it is more an installing problem than running (all needed to run is what it's said at AoE III retail post) I post this useful information:

To install update 1.14, the last one, you'll need to add, below this registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires 3

An String Value and fill it with the path to the game. The string name should be:

Install Dir

Then, run the file:


This file is inside the self-extract file of the patch (you can open it with Winzip or WinRaR)

I explain this because this is the only way I could upgrade from 1.0 to 1.14.
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