Info: How to bypass/remove launch condition checks

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Info: How to bypass/remove launch condition checks

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Sat May 29, 2010 10:58 pm

In principle there are several solutions but it must be tried out which one works for a specific game or application.Because of different installers and check techniques its not possible to come up with a straight working solution.

a) check if the game installs msi files in the C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\TEMP folder.If that is the case proceed as follows:

i) delete most of the files and folders in the
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c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\
directory.If you are not logged in as administrator it can also be a USER NAME
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c:\Documents and Settings\"USER NAME"\Local Settings\Temp\

ii) start the installation until the alert of the not supported or adequate system pops up.Don't close or abort the install process yet.Browse to the C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\TEMP directory and copy all the game installer files (look for *.msi files)to some TEMP folder on your HDD.Now abort the installation process by pressing OK.
iii a) browse to the TEMP folder and remove the msi launch condition entries with the MSI remove script(s) as described in the Info: Remove OS Version Check Script for msi archives guide.Then run the msi to install the game/application.Note: its recommended to make a backup of the msi game files because there are two remove script versions needed to be tested!

iii b) manual editing of the launch condition entries (Info: Remove OS Version Check Script for msi archives) can be done with ORCA or SuperOrca (see Tools & Info section for download links).For example: to replace the launch condition enty
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(Not Version9X) And (Not VersionNT=400) And (Not VersionNT=500)
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(VersionNT>501) OR (VersionNT=500 AND ServicePackLevel>3) OR (VersionNT=501 AND ServicePackLevel>1)
Then save and run the msi to install the game/application.

b) another possible solution is to copy the game disk/setup files to the hard drive and use the version faking XP function of the wrapper.ini and wrapper Kernel: Info: win2k_xp_kernel32.ini.Place the wrapper.ini together with the Wrapper Kernel and renamed system Kernel32_ORG.dll next to the setup files.

c) also BlackWingCats fcwin tool offers version faking in compat mode (see fcwin Usage 3) and a registry-fake mode:
BlackWingCat's KDW API Wrapper & Tools

d) also its possible to Change the whole OS version and build number

e) extracting the msi,setup.exe and cab archive content with unpackers.There's UniExtract for msi archives and setup executables OR InstallShield CAB File Viewer,iXComp (i6Comp.exe/i5Comp.exe)and Windows Installshield Decompiler V1.00 Beta ( for cab archives.

f) using KDW XP version emulation (see BlackWingCat's KDW API Wrapper & Tools).So far this method works flawlessely with InstallAware installers.

g) in case of childprocess installers in "documents and settings" equipped with a os version check the wrapper with fake version lie can be installed using the HookProcessCreation tool: -< Info: Error 193: %1 is not a valid Win32 application >-

Post all questions or techniques related launch conditions below.

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