Office 2007 (Only Outlook and InfoPath do not work)

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Re: Office 2007 (Only Outlook and InfoPath do not work)

PostPosted by adun » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:28 pm

Heureka :D

I found a way how to install office 2007 without using altiris svs

I've the Office Enterprise CD. I copied the full cd to the desktop ant opende the folder Enterprise.ww
There was a MSI File called EnterpirseWW.msi. I suggest that it was the install file.
I edited some entries using Orca and after that it installed all office componets in c:\programms files\microsoft office but without any message or posibility to change the installation path etc.

But that dont mean that word etc work. The error are the same as in the topic.
Only the installation is now more easyer.
The problem is i dont rember escactly whitch Entries I ediet. But I will sone make a guide for that
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Re: Office 2007 (Only Outlook and InfoPath do not work)

PostPosted by adun » Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:36 am

So i've worked around some day and think i found it out!

I've always used the Office 2007 Enterprise German Edition. For other Editions the folders might have other names!

First make a copy of the full install cd on your desktop or local disk. Forgett about the setup.exe or the autorun.exe. They cant be edited.
move to the OFFICE12 folder that contains all files needed. There are a lot of other folders called by the programms etc.
Those folders contains the needed msi files that can be edieted using orca!
In my case there is a folder called Enterprise.WW and (for other office editions they might have other names.) Importet is that you must find the instalation msi- file where the setup exe is related to.
So now , in the Enterpirse.WW folder open the EnterpriseWW.msi file with orca!
Move to InstallExecuteSequence and delet the line AbortMsi. This works for all msi files in the office package! With that changes it's possible to run the msi files without using the setup. Otherwise and error will appear.

Make the same thing with the OfficeMUI.msi in the folder. And run both msi files. Note: there will not be any message ore information during the install and you cant choose the installation path. And it will install all office components.

Now after that there are some errors too when you want to lounch an application. I hope someone can try what I did and give a report!
I dont know too if you must edit all msi files and install all. For me it seems that those two are enought cose they are related to the others but plz try it out yourselfe!

PS: What I found interessting is that in the msi files were no LounchCondition for NT>500
And I think that more entries must be edidet in the msi files becouse when i lounch exel a message apears that a newer vesion of windows is needed. That means a version-check has been installed by the msi installer. I'm going to work on it .

I'm waiting for you comments

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PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Sun May 30, 2010 8:54 am

OldCigarette wrote:First thing I did was modify the PE to fix the subsystem version with PETools. Next if complains about your OS version. Placing the kernel32 wrapper with setup.exe seems to make it happy, but don't do version faking, if you do it will try to load uxtheme.dll and crash.

It might work with KDW uxtheme.dll but that's just a rush thought, though.

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