Wine on windows - develop?

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Wine on windows - develop?

PostPosted by charlieb000 » Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:41 am

has anybody considered using Wine (or making something new like it) to emulate the XP/Vista/7 environment? When you launch applications from Wine they see the "windows" files in the emulated enviroment on the emulated drives rather than the ones from your computer. this is much better than replacing the system files and using registry hacks which could possibly cause problems with the computer (no risk!).

if you intend on making something like wine, perhaps make it possible to see the Host OS behind it and use any necessary extra DLL's that is not in Wine, like dotNET if it is not installable into Wine. the wine shouldnt need OCW as the Wine stuff included with the Linux Wine already works with games and apps (sorry old cig!).

there is already a wine on windows but they are saying its to run older apps on newer OS's. perhaps someone can build on it...

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Re: Wine on windows - develop?

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:29 pm

Look at the DirectX and status:

Some Direct8+9 libraries are almost completed, some are at 10%.The risk level with installing XP software on Win2k can be considered very low because mostly only drivers are written to the system32 root.Registry is mostly identical to Win2k.

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