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javaFX Installer Backport

PostPosted by antoninus » Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:17 pm

The javaFX SDK is relatively new and lets you code Graphics, Video, Sound, Animation, Games and GUIs with minimal fuss using 'declarative-script', so I wanted to try it out and see if I could use it for Android apps.

Running the javFX exe installer on win2k the first time, it outright quit, immediately.


I installed an OCW wrapper (OldCigarette's outstanding set of proxy-DLLs for XP calls) in the installer's directory and tried again.


This time it got a little farther, said: 'extracting files' and then quit with another version-error.


OK, if it got that far and had unpacked it's files, then the 'real' installer was being called from another directory that wasn't subject to version-faking, I needed to know which directory that was.

I used Mark Russinovich's *filemon.exe (now rolled into Process-Monitor by Microsoft) to try and find out.


With filemon on 'capture', I ran the install again, this time leaving the fail-dialog up, just in case the installer did any cleanup at-exit. That way the unpacked files would still be there when I found out where 'there' was.

Filemon showed that the installer created directories and wrote to:
Code: Select all
C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Application Data\

It then dumped these three files:
Code: Select all
javafx_sdk-1_2_:952   WRITE    C:\Doc..\..\[Manuf...]\[Prod...]\install\checkjava.exe      
javafx_sdk-1_2_:952   WRITE   C:\Doc..\..\[Manuf...]\[Prod...]\install\javafx-sdk.msi   
javafx_sdk-1_2_:952   WRITE   C:\Doc..\..\[Manuf...]\[Prod...]\install\   

Then it handed-off the install to msiexec.exe, running the javafx-sdk.msi script:
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javafx_sdk-1_2_:952   OPEN   C:\WINNT\system32\msiexec.exe    Access: Execute

At this point, the install failed the msi version-check and quit.

Now that I knew where the files were, I copied all the unpacked files out to a safe directory (just in case) and left the originals where they were.

Since the 'real' installer turned out to be an msi, I went back to OldBoy2k's guides on defeating msi version-checks and read-up on how it's done.

Seeing that all msi fields are not created equal (and since I prefer 'hands-on', anyway), I decided on a manual-edit with Orca rather than going the vb-script route.

I got Orca on justjohnny's MSI Tools thread and opened javafx-sdk.msi to have a look.
After browsing all the fields in the msi, I decided to edit these two:


I saved the changes and tried running the newly edited javaFX msi:


Now with the SDK successfully installed on win2k, it'll be time for round-2, getting the SDK to actually run on win2k.
I'll let you know how it goes.

*Note: This Site has links to the pre-MS set of sysinternals files and source.
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