SSE2 + Eve Online

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SSE2 + Eve Online

PostPosted by Amrazek » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:28 pm

I know there was a previous discussion about SSE2 emulation in general (which eventually stalled), but I was curious if it might be possible to target a specific game to reduce some of the complexity involved. Eve online recently released a patch containing a very detailed character creator so that players could create new portraits for themselves, but days before the patch was released the developers discovered at least one third-party dependency now required SSE2 instructions and as a result a number of players whom could otherwise play the game fine could no longer even log in (0.3% of total subscribers according to CCP). Obviously torches were raised at such short notice by those affected... (announcement 2 days before patch)

I've got a spare computer with a sufficiently dated CPU to test things out on (as well as this machine which does support SSE2). Both systems are running Win2k with OCW's wrapper pack. I've got some C++ knowledge as well as familiarity with injection/detours, but don't know anything about SSE2 or assembly so I can't judge how difficult a project like this might be.

Would this be feasible? Is there an easy way to identify which SSE2 instructions are used?
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Re: SSE2 + Eve Online

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:25 pm

Hi there,

welcome to win2kgaming forum and thanks for joing the group.The reason why we had to stop working on the sse2 handler was simply because the SSE2 instructions (only 5 actually) are interpreted as MMX instructions.The SSE2 prefix gets ignored by the older CPU which makes backporting from what we know impossible.However i don't want to keep you from working on a solution for that game so i recommend you to read the following thread and try the SSE2Test program OldCigarette wrote at that time and look at the SSE2 driver written for two SSE2 instructions.Also there's maybe a chance to use a non-SSE2 compiled library similar to the unofficial SSE2 fix for Borderlands.To find the illegal instruction either look at the Dr.Watsons log or use DebugDiag and analyse the crash.

clicke: Side-Project: Athlon XP - SSE2 Exception Handler

Borderlands (unofficial Athlon XP SSE2 fix):
nvtt.dll with no SSE2 (unofficial Athlon XP fix)

PS: I'm still bugg'd being forced to leave my old o'clocked mobile K7 system which is powerful enough for new games but thats reality with modern technology :x

BR & success
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