FIFA 12 Retail & Demo *

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FIFA 12 Retail & Demo *

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:24 pm

Missing Exports:
DBGHELP.DLL - MiniDumpWriteDump
IPHLPAPI.DLL - GetAdaptersAddresses
PSAPI.DLL - GetProcessImageFileNameA
WS2_32.DLL - freeaddrinfo,getaddrinfo (IPHLPAPI.DLL)

1) install the game
2) download iphlpapi.dll v5.1.2600.2180 from here
and copy it to the binaries directory.
3) for WS2_32.dll you will need the wrapper pack:
click here to download Wrapper pack
and copy them together with the renamed Win2k system WS2_32_ORG.dll to the binaries directory.
4) for XINPUT1_3.DLL download the x3daudio driver:
click: download Win2k X3Daudio driver
copy XINPUT1_3.DLL from the driver archive to binaries directory.
5) download dbghelp.dll from here: download: dbghelp.dll
and copy it to the binaries directory.
6) download psapi.dll (v5.1.2600.2180) from here
and copy it to the binaries directory.

Report any problems in the Troubleshooting section.Thankyou.
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