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This neat puzzle game was at first only part of the Microsoft Vista Ultimate edition and later also got released for Windows XP on the Games for Windows - LIVE marketplace as a free download.

Missing Exports:
WTSAPI32.DLL - WTSRegisterSessionNotification

Xlive Missing Exports:
Kernel32.dll - GetUserGeoID,GetGeoInfoA,WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId
IPHLPAPI.dll - GetAdaptersAddresses (Xlive.dll)
WS2_32.dll - freeaddrinfo,getaddrinfo (because of IPHLAPI.dll)
Advapi32.dll - CredFree,CredWriteW,CredReadW,CredEnumerateW,CredDeleteW (because of msidcrl40.dll)

1) download the game from here:
Games for Windows: Tinker
Its a free game but requires a GFL Live Account and product key.Everything is explained in the FAQ:
Games for Windows - LIVE: How to Download Games on Demand
Games for Windows - LIVE: How to create a LIVE account
direct download: Softpedia: Tinker - Free Download
2) create GFWLive account,download and install the game
3) download XMLLite.dll
copy it to the binaries directory.
4) for WTSAPI32.DLL you will need the wrapper pack:
click here to download Wrapper pack
copy together with the renamed Win2k system WTSAPI32_ORG.dll to the binaries directory.
5) for XINPUT1_3.DLL,Xlive.dll follow Download & Installation: Games for Windows Live v3.02.0217

There's suppose to be some 1.1 update for Tinker which is availible through GFW Live:
Wikipedia: Microsoft Tinker
Tinker Patch Now Live, Full 200G Obtainable
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Fileplanet Update 1.1 sadly this fileplanet download link doesn't work.

Report any problems in the Troubleshooting section.Thankyou.
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