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Firefox 14.0.1 Portable Edition

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:35 pm

Firefox 14.0.1 Portable Edition on Windows 2000:

1) download Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 Portable Edition from here: Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1, Portable Edition
2) copy "FirefoxPortable_14.0.1_English.paf.exe" to your C:\ root directory and install it into the given default directory.Exit the setup with "finish" when done.
3) with PE Tools change the Minor Subsystem Version (to 0000) of: crashreporter.exe,firefox.exe,maintenanceservice.exe,plugin-container.exe,updater.exe
in binaries directory
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4) download iphlpapi.dll v5.1.2600.2180 from here
and copy it to the binaries directory.
5) download dbghelp.dll from here:
download: dbghelp.dll
and copy it to the binaries directory.
6) for Kernel32.dll,Advapi32.dll,WS2_32.DLL,Shell32.dll,Uxtheme.dll you will need the KDW wrapper:
click here for the KDW homepage
and copy together with the renamed Win2k system Kernel2k.dll,Advapi2k.dll,WS2_2k.dll,Shell2k.dll to the binaries directory and add Uxtheme.dll.
7) download psapi.dll from here
psapi.dll (v5.1.2600.2180)
and copy it to the binaries directory.
8) go to
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and open the preferences file "prefs.js" with a Editor and add the following line below the column:
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user_pref("layers.acceleration.disabled", true);

save and start Firefox once.Close after it starts and also add the line to the created profile preference "prefs.js" in:
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.Make a shortcut of
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on your desktop.Start Firefox.

alternatively you can also enter the Firefox safe-mode:
Make a shortcut of
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on your desktop. Then right-click the shortcut and add -safe-mode command to the execution command so that it looks like this:
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C:\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe -safe-mode
. Run Firefox
-> continue in Safe Mode -> in the address bar type about:config and press ENTER. Then search for layers.acceleration.disabled and double click the line to change to true.Exit Firefox and remove the Safe Mode entry in the shortcut.Start Firefox.

thanks BlackWingCat for the info about the layers.acceleration.disabled entry in prefs.js and safe mode to fix the black window overlay.

Report any problems here.Thankyou.

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