Borderlands 2

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Borderlands 2

PostPosted by Cyker » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:07 pm

Woo! Finally got this to work!

Has lots of pre-reqs but not all seem to be needed.

I only have Visual C++ 2005 and 2008 runtimes installed and don't have.NET4 installed (Seems only needed for the Launcher; You can run the Borderlands2.exe directly and the game will start without it)

Main problem is the EXE isn't recognised as a Win32 executable by Win2K - This is easily remedied by following the instructions in this post:

( Gaming ‹ Tools & Info < Error 193: %1 is not a valid Win32 application )

Next it's just a matter of "Fill in the missing dependency"!

Files I needed:
ADVAPI32.DLL from the wrapper pack (And obv. the ADVAPI32_ORG.DLL)
KERNEL32.DLL from the wrapper pack (And obv. the KERNEL32_ORG.DLL)

These all just need to be copied into the same directory as the Borderlands2.exe and that should do it.

If anyone wants, I can upload a bundle of the DLLs I needed for convenience (But as always, mileage may vary on your own systems!)
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Re: Borderlands 2

PostPosted by OldBoy2k » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:24 pm

Hi Cyker,

thankyou very much for supporting us with a Borderlands 2 fix. Did you run into any installation checks about the correct Windows OS?

1) for Faultrep.dll,XINPUT1_3.DLL,XAPOFX1_5.DLL,X3DAUDIO1_7.DLL download the x3daudio driver:
click: download Win2k X3Daudio driver
install as described and copy XINPUT1_3.DLL and Faultrep.dll from the driver archive to binaries directory.
2) download MSVCR100.DLL,MSVCP100.DLL
and copy to binaries directory.
3) for Kernel32.DLL,Advapi32.dll you will need the wrapper pack:
click here to download Wrapper pack
and copy together with the renamed Win2k system Kernel32_ORG.DLL,Advapi32_ORG.dll to the binaries directory.

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